São Paulo was the center of attention of Fintech Startups of all Latin America tonight for the announcement of the Fintech Awards Latam 2017 winners, the largest competition of financial startups in Latin America.

The best fintech from all over Latin America continent were present at a dinner held after the event Fintech View, held at the Intercontinental Hotel in São Paulo and organized by Cantarino Brasileiro.

The Fintech Awards represents a milestone in the integration of fintech ecosystems in Latin America. The initiative provided an opportunity to exchange information and experiences that can help enrich and mature projects across the continent.

“We want to provide participants with an X-ray of the evolution of the Fintech movement in Latin America and in the world, bringing cases and experiences startups all over Latin American together.” says Marcos Cantarino , Organizer of the event.

About the contest

Divided into five categories (User Experience, Business Model, Financial Inclusion, Traction and Disruption), the Fintech Awards Latam 2017 rewards exceeds almost $ 1 million, as well as offering tickets for courses at Blockchain Academy and the opportunity to present its solutions to the invited investors during the awards ceremony.

The Judging Panel

The cases running at the Fintech Awards Latam 2017 were evaluated by judging panel with representatives from several countries and internationally recognized for their experiences in the fintech ecosystems of Latin American itself and globally. Among the jurors were Stefano Covolan (Asia), José Prado (Brazil), Christian Konig (Singapore), Varun Mittal (Southeast Asia), Oscar A. Jofre (Canada), Lisa Besserman (Argentina), Renzo Reyes Rocha Edwin Zácipa (Colombia), Leandro Pisaroni (Argentina) and many others.


  • Disruption: CryptoMKT (Chile, cryptocurrencies and DLT)
  • Financial Inclusion: Moneto (Brazil, debt negotiation)
  • Traction: Urbe.Me (Brazil, equity crowdfunding)
  • Business Model: Magnetis (Brazil, Investment & robo advisor )
  • User Experience: Kickante (Brazil, crowdfunding)

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