Brazil is a developing nation, and like any other developing country, it needs resources, primarily financial, to bloom. It has many excellent opportunities waiting to be grabbed but if the business owners and the innovative minds do not get the support, the growth and development will suffer. That is why it is important if you are in Brazil and willing to promote a culture of development, you should know where to get financial aid from. Here we are sharing some popular financial services companies in Brazil.

Itaú Unibank

They are a huge company that invests in the development of their clients and institutions. Their biggest belief is that the quality of their employees is the number one differential regarding other financial services companies in Brazil. They focus on offering a quality brand with a capital base, name and reputation that earned the country’s respect throughout their years in the market.

In regards to sustainable actions, they want to be the number one bank in Brazil leading this market. They acknowledge the market is always growing in requirements and needs.

Bradesco Bank

Another huge bank in Brazil, the Bradesco Bank is another leading force in Brazil’s economy. They are one of the most influential companies in that country and also in Latin America in its entirety. Their support for their customer base and the philosophy of offering opportunities for all kinds of people with all sorts of needs has earned their name and recognition out there.

Santander Bank

With over 120 million clients around the world, they are always looking to make the difference out there. Santander Bank has offered an enormous amount of jobs and is still active and relevant in Brazil to this date. With over 50 thousand employees, they have high and fast attendance and customer support, offering all kinds of aid and strategic advice to both institutions and individual clients. Their objective is to grow alongside their customers.

Banco do Brasil

Another Bank, Banco do Brasil is a huge collection of institutions that have influence in all of Brazil’s territory. They have influence in sports, culture, environment care, Integrity, Education and many foundations across the country. Banco do Brasil is also award-winner in one of the best companies to help combat unemployment in Brazil with it’s “programa aprendiz”, which hires young people who are still in high school to learn and work in a bank.

Caixa Econômica Federal

Also simply called “Caixa”, it’s informal name, this service company is not only focused in offering wealth management for anyone that lives in Brazil who can have access to their local centres but also has branched into lottery centres and social programs. This is a federal institution, which means it works alongside the government, that is why it is available to everyone. Most of the paperwork related to the government can be done through Caixa, and their social programs have given aid to low-income family across all the different states of Brazil.


Another great bank, this one is more focused on offering the best and most trusted services instead of being the most accessible. They are known for being quite expensive in taxes, but clients who have a higher income usually appeal to Citibank because of it’s their excellent reputation. They offer “credits on the credit card”, which is a system where customers accumulate points when using their credit card which they later can turn into change their car, travel or reform their house.


Cielo is a company that focuses on offering service for electronic payment and business as well as machines for executing credit card operations. Their focus is E-commerce and is the leading company in this sector in all of Latin America. Their system is optimised to accept most of all the major Brazilian bank lines like VISA and MasterCard as well as many other international brands. This great system has granted them complete leadership in the market.

Porto Seguro Auto

Porto Seguro is an insurance company that intend to offer and aid on the following sectors: foresight, residency, automobiles, health insurance, management, protection, telecommunications and much more. They are also associated with Itaú Unibank. Porto Seguro Auto is easily one of the most influential companies in Brazil just because it is the number one provider in many of the sectors it acts in.

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